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Evolution and the Bible is the same story
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Α - Ω Time Lords - The secrets they don't want you to know.
Saturni illuminati - ' Interpretatio alba graeca'
Saturnism Saturnist [Satanism]
Ba'al as a divine title in Israel and Judah
Sinner-Gods : Isis is a goddess in Ancient Egyptian mythology
Pharaoh Ra (Re) Sun God father of Horas - Horus
Primordial father (pet'er),
Moloch, Molech, Molekh Cabaala Cab-bala Ka-baal-a Kab-bala
Hex of Baal is and then was represented as Evil
Matching the Bible timeline of Albino Man creation.

Order out of Chaos 

Saturni Illuminati  

Bibliolution: Aryan Satori

ENDGAME PLAN Kleptocratic Magna Harvest of mankind 

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