This simplified 'Interpretatio alba graeca' version of history and research hopes to affords you the ability to consider the possibility of linking both evolution and religions, Koran and the bible as all the same continuation story to civilisations 6-7000 year known history.

The linking of key ancient European bloodlines, others & world elitists to claims of direct descendancy of the Gods or at least in the style of their namesakes of the ancient world.  We should be able to show you via Arian/Syrian/Greek mythology who and what Satan (Saturn) is, together with what modern Satan has planned for mankind, so you could say get prepared to receive your shock revelation without the Smoke of Satan, thats if you have never heard of this sort of thing before.

These are novel running notes & Updates and is an ongoing study, as more information turns up these pages will likely  be updated or changed, it may also totally change as to its current outlook or theme or direction. It is ongoing open research and as research its expected that information will change from time to time. 

However we note: Evil is Evil, the facts are facts and the truth is the truth.

There is no intent here to make one race or group of people better or worse than any other or to diminish anyone or anything, if you don't understand the truth or don't want to know about it, well go elsewhere. Copyright 2008/2009

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