Satan day - Satur Saturday - Saturnday - 6th Deity
Cornus is Saturn, Lucifer is Saturn the light bearer, Lord of the harvest & time.  


Origin Deus "day" hence deity or in a condition of being a God.  
Mánadagr Moon's Day 1
Tısdagr Tyr's Day 2
Óğinsdagr Odin's Day 3
Şórsdagr Thor's Day 4
Frjádagr Freyja's Day 5
Laugardagr Washing Day - not a Norse deity, but an activity 6
Sunnudagr Sun's Day 7

These five planets were identified with the gods of the
Babylonian pantheon as follows:


Babylonians were the first to name the Days of the week after the sun, (new moon) moon and planets.
Their naming scheme is still widely followed today in many languages, including English, and goes as follows:
  • 7 Sunday - day of the sun
  • 1 Monday - day of the moon
  • 2 Tuesday - day of Mars (Norse Tiw, the Anglo-Saxon Mars) Latin 'diēs Martis' - Day of Mars
  • 3 Wednesday - day of Mercury (Norse W-odin, the Anglo-Saxon Mercury)
  • 4 Thursday - day of Jupiter (Norse Thor, the Anglo-Saxon Jupiter)5
  • 5 Friday - day of Venus (Norse Frig, the Anglo-Saxon Venus "Dame" Freyr and Freyja
     Germanic meaning "the Lord" and "the Lady")
  • 6 Saturday - Day of Saturn  [Dies Saturni]

    Middle East, Mediterranean, and western Europe

    The seven stellar objects visible to the naked eye, moving in the heavens like living objects, were attributed to gods by the ancients. The planet gods are similar between Sumerians and the Romans.

    • Mars = War God
    • Mercury = Messenger God
    • Jupiter = King of Gods  son of Uranus and Chaos made [Ordo Ab Chao] "Order out of Chaos"
    • Venus = Love Goddess
    • Saturn = Farming and Agriculture God

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