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 Kronos, Cronus, Elus, YEli or Izer had by a nymph (abnormal son) called Anobrt being his then only begotten son, whom in this account was called Iedud or Le-dude by the Phoenicians; (known today as dud or dude). It was then customary that when great danger beset a country the local Kings paraded their only begotten chosen sons and daughters in royal apparel, prepared them for the Stur altar (Saturn altar), then sacrifice (murdered) them to appease the god of Abominations, Dude was sacrifice to appease this golden god of Abomination.

Diodorus Siculus' account of the Carthagians There was in their city a bronze image of Cronus extending its hands, palms up and sloping toward the ground, so that each of the children when placed thereon rolled down and fell into a sort of gaping pit filled with fire.

Master Mason, Builder & carpenter Jesus Christ said about these Saturnist that they are an "Abomination to God, will cause terrible destruction and desolation of mankind" & " full of dead men's bones" .

Cronus the son of Uranus and Gaia and the youngest of the twelve Titans.  His wife was also one of the Titans, since he copulated with his sister Rhea , possibly the fruit of the tree and their offspring the fruits were Demeter, Hestia, Hera, Hades, Poseidon and Zeus [Baal/Thor/Thunder God/YHVH/ YHWH].
* Rhea is also identified with mother goddess Cybele from Asia Minor and is also known as Rhea Cybele and Magna Mater ("great mother"). She was worshipped with orgiastic rites. Rhea is depicted between two lions or on a chariot pulled by lions.

http://www.bibliolution.com/photos/MolechFlame.jpg The original star of Saturn has its origins in dark symbiotic magic, occultism, witchcraft, astrology and human sacrifice, of which Cronus revealed himself in all that kind of occultist activity.

In an attempt to extend his life and to stop from being deposes by his own offspring as he did with his own father Uranus. Cronus murdered his children by eating them at birth and thereafter being defined in the symbology  of the Star Satan as Evil ever since.

This child eating habit continued until his sister wife called Rhea understandably  became unhappy at any loss of her children, she tricked Cronus into eating rocks instead of her new born Zeus, as some say, as symbolized in the Biblical Story of Baby Moses.

This Rhea was the mother to the first Olympians mother of gods she kept Zeus hidden at Mount Ida on Crete, raise by his grandmother, Gaia, wife to Uranus until he was of an age to be self reliant.


'Saturni Illuminati'.. When Zeus became of age he revolted against his father Cronus and the other Titans, defeating them all, banished them to Tartarus of the underworld. Baal [Zeus] is said to have been a Duke, with sixty-six legions of demons under his command.

Kronos/Cronus managed to escape to Italy, where Janus a King of Italy who helped him escape.  In Italy he introduced the Saturi (first), Saturn Golden age cult. Templum Saturni
[3400-3500 BC] . Cronus then began the Great Work ("Magnum Opus") of teaching all  about agriculture, this  knowledge fast spread and as a result these ancient Greeks formed one of the most important key the foundations of civilisation, they seeded the Dawn of a new era of  human history.

An example of a  Saturni Temple can be still seen today at Capitoline Hill

The Roman Temple was frequently serviced by the elite of Roman, Merchants, Money changers and Senators they all engaged in underage, orgies, child sacrifice, claiming it to "cleansed the defiled mind", resulting inner calm and pleasurable joyfulness. (Yuck!).
All this at first was done in secret & hidden from the unwitting general masses (the Cattle), these activities effectively bound the perverted class of human abusers & haters of life together in secrecy, like today membership and their activities are held in ransom so they can continue their status quo, that is, keep their control system going indefinitely, noting nothing would pleasure them more so than having the wider population give up Godly, Christian & Religious ways and turn to Saturni/Satan or be guided to the Abyss of the Dark side. In the end these fornicators caused the collapse of the Roman Empire..

Hosea 8:14 states:

"For Israel hath forgotten the Maker, and buildeth temples; and Judah hath multiplied fenced cities: but I will send a fire upon his cities, and it shall devour the palaces thereof."

Hezbollah, is devoted to the destruction of Israel
Saturn, the Roman god of agriculture, was identified with the Greek god [Cronus], noting the Aryan Satori "Shinning ones" & were the first farmers.  Also in Roman mythology, Saturn fled Greece and settled in Italy after losing a battle with Jupiter [Zeus/Baal/Thor/Thunder God].
* Saturn became the king of Latium (the area of central Italy that includes Rome) and ruled over a
golden age of peace and prosperity. During this time, he taught the people how to plant and tend crops and how to lead civilized lives.

His festival was the Saturnalia, a celebration beginning on December 17 and ending December 25. During Saturnalia, businesses closed, people exchanged presents, and slaves were given the freedom to do and say what they wished.

Christians later honoured the last day of Saturnalia as the date of the birth of Jesus. Saturn also gave his name to the day of the week known as Saturday.

*Saturnalia is the feast with which the Romans commemorated the dedication of the temple of the god Saturn, which was on 17 December. Over the years, it expanded to a whole week, to 23 December. Forerunner of Christmas..

Saturn (Latin: Saturnus)
was a major Roman god of agriculture and harvest. In medieval times he was known as the Roman god of agriculture, justice and strength; he held a sickle in his left hand and a bundle of wheat in his right. His mother's name was Helen, or Hel. He was identified in classical antiquity with the Greek deity Cronus, and the mythologies of the two gods are commonly mixed.

Saturn's wife was Ops (the Roman equivalent of Rhea). Saturn was the father of Ceres, Jupiter, Veritas, Pluto, and Neptune, among others. Saturn had a temple on the Forum Romanum which contained the Royal Treasury. Saturn is the namesake of Saturday (dies Saturni).

Hebrew Bible, the First Temple was built by King Solomon (reigned c 970-c 930 BC). Completed in 960 BC?.
King "Solomon built a high place for Chemosh/Golden Calf/Ba'al Moloch/Apis Bull the abomination of Moab, in the hill that is before Jerusalem for Molech/Molekh, the abomination of the children of Ammon." (1 Kings 11:7)  The British Royal Family is said to be some of his descendants'.

God via Moses expressly forbade the Hebrews to do what was done in Egypt or in Canaan [Golden Calf worship]. "You shall not give any of your children to devote them by fire to Moloch (sacrifice) and to do so will profane the name of your God" (Lev. 18:21). 

'Saturni Illuminati' To stop these creepy false elitist creatures from totally taking over you must copy this info, send it to as many people as you can, time is running out,  it is happening now today again.  98% of your friends, Jews and gentiles have no idea what their churches  and synagogues have become, they have been taken over by the cultists of Satan. - There back, expect to be marked with a personal R.F I.D indexed by '666'.


Atlantean: Themis In Greek mythology  is the daughter of Uranus and Gaia as divine lineage of the Titans. She is also the second consort of Zeus Baal/Thor/Thunder God].

On Olympus* she's responsible for ceremonies & feasts, on earth she is the goddess of justice and order.

Known for her wise & impartial advice, she even helped Zeus after he had married his third wife, Hera. Themis is equated with Justitia, the Roman goddess of justice and the legal system. Justitia is often used as the symbol of justice.

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