Hexagram (Greek)

Sexagram (Latin)

Elus god renamed from Cronus [1400 BC]  El in Hebrew its the word for God king of sacrifice - El [ancient name of Greece] a God of Israelite Pharisees [1025 BCE] also known as Saturn, Kronos, [3100 BC]  Elus, YEli or Izer, Baal El Molech, Astaroth (Astarte, Ishtar) all refer to the same God. They are linked to the symbol helix of Saturn with 6 points often scored like a star or an asterisk noting that Saturn also has a 6 pointed helix see Saturn's north pole photographed by NASA. Masons tell that the planets were much closer together 6000 years ago and the Hexagrams on the poles of Saturn were visible to the naked eye. Nasa* Saturn Hexagram Page


Hexagram (Greek) or sexagram (Latin) is a six-pointed geometric star figure.
So called the seal of Solomon or Star of David, mimicked from the
Indus to Greek Olympian God periods 12,500 B.C - 1500 B.C.

A seal signet ring was sprooked up to have magical demonic powers, (Ohoooh) possessed by King Solomon
said to empowered him to command demons, genies (or jinni's) and could speak with animals.

Oh OK, did they talk back? Man its sounds like a mob of nuts!

Seal of Solomon copied from the early Greeks

Psalm 82.1 says ’elohim ('God') stands in the council of ’el - he judges among the gods The Zohar (elohim/Saturn). Baal was renamed to YHWH from plagiarised stories of Uranus, Horus, Usiris, Cronus and Zeus.  Elohim: YEli or Izer El a Semitic god said to be a Super-being of Satan the father of mankind and all creeping creatures [clearly talking about Pharisee bankers here?]